You decided to sell

When you decided to sell a property you should know that it is good to work with a real estate agency to deal in promoting and selling your property. The real estate agent at your request will inform the area are the prices, you can evaluate the first phase building, so the asking price to you to be the real and property to be sold.

How to find the real estate agent to promote your offer?

Real estate broker is a person who acts either as an individual authorized to perform estate agency work or as an administrator, employee of an estate agency and can
organize and streamline the real estate transaction, so the advantage of the vendor and the customer benefit.

Estate broker shall inform the customer on all aspects of real estate transaction in this case, information will be made promptly available to the client.

Real estate broker will ask the seller of the property ownership documents and communication of any legal situations: the existence of tasks / mortgage, etc., of any kind would it serve or can serve to achieve the property.

How you prepare poprietatea?

The first thing to do is to pimp up your property, hire a cleaning company or you personally take care of it. Try to rearrange the furniture, to have as many flowers, ornamental plants.

Where appropriate the necessary repairs be made as good looking house: to change batteries leaking, the painted inside of varnished floor, furnished and cleaned the yard, the lights burned so changed.

For better presentation is better to plant seasonal flowers that give the house a new color, to hide from the eyes of customers personal items like family photos, to discuss real estate agent before viewing and setting the house so that the buyer imagine that lives there.

Ventilate constantly before each viewing.

Imagine you are a buyer and you would like to see and what not .. a clean property, embellished, beautifully arranged, freshly removed from a magazine!

Negotiate price

We go through a period where everything is negotiable and must be prepared to receive any offer, to know the bottom price you want. When you receive an offer must consider the sales tax and the agent.

Do not leave very much time to make a decision with how to make a decision faster the better. Communicate your needs first and offer real estate agent, he has experience and will know how to communicate the buyer, so as to reach the contract of sale purchase.

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